Summer Courses - 2022

Our summer courses are available from July 11th to August 19th at two-week intervals. Block the dates and call us to personalize your courses. Seats are limited to 6 students for each grade

      Please select the best slot that works for you. You can either select 1 slot or 2 slots or 3 slots as well. 

  • Slot 1: Jul 11th - Jul 22nd;
  • Slot 2: Jul 25th - Aug 05th;
  • Slot 3: Aug 08th - Aug 19th;

Courses available for Grades 1- 8
  • Math (Next Grade Level Concepts)
  • English (Next Grade Level Concepts)
  • Public Speaking
  • Coding
  • Robotics
  • Chess

July 11th 2022 - July 22nd 2022
July 25th 2022 - August 5th 2022
August 8th 2022 - August 19th 2022
July 11th 2022 - July 22nd 2022
July 25th 2022 - August 5th 2022
August 8th 2022 - August 19th 2022


Creating and Programming Robots in a hands-on fun way and to get foundation on technology.


Focused learning, helping to excel  in academics, reinforcing concepts in Math, English, Reading and Writing. 


Life Essentials like reading, writing, communication, team building and public speaking skills.


We have curated our summer camp options to make your children future ready, not just exciting and entertaining but educational & inspirational as well.  Depending on the age of your kid, pick a technology course that interests your child, either robotics or coding and pick academics with either english or math & a public speaking course, this balances it all. Ideally, our popular camp structure is split 1/2 with technology hours 1/2 with Academics, English, Math and Public Speaking classes. Kids get to spend their time in our technology camp, semi-private tutoring in math or english advancing  concepts and public speaking. 


Learn and get the right foundation of technology, the courses introduced here helps kids to have understanding of how things work.

Public Speaking

Top rated skill. Irrespective of your age, the field you are interested, this is the skill that helps you succeed, start at early age and reap the benefits


Get a step forward, lead your class mates, learn the new concepts before anyone else, build your concepts ahead show confidence & excel.  

Flexible Hours

Our camp schedules start from 9:00 AM and close at 4:00 PM, though the actual classes are dependent on the slots you pick and availability.

Summer Courses for kids from 1-6 Grades. 

Youtuber ( 4-6  Grades)

Our most popular course, this Youtube Creator / Youtuber has become the new hobby for the newest generation. Our program teaches all the basics of getting started with youtube, best practices, privacy, tips, technology, presentation techniques, scripting, monetization, content creation, editing, lighting and being an entrepreneur. This casual hobby can turn into (with a little help and our guidance) a great entrepreneurial venture.

Coding with Scratch ( 1-3 Grades)

Get introduced to programming & logic with Scratch, the visual block based creative programming environment developed by MIT Media Lab. You’ll use code blocks and characters to gain a foundation in computational thinking, creating animated stories and games. Bright visuals and engaging design enhance the learning process, making it easy for you to develop essential STEM skills for our tech-driven world.

Coding with Lua ( 4- 6 Grades) 

Learn to program Roblox games, be an Entrepreneur by creating and publishing games to the Roblox website. Use Roblox’s built-in editor to create 3D worlds. Publish, share, and play games with friends on any platform from console to mobile. Study games that have been runaway hits and learn how to implement some of the same strategies in your own games.

Mincecraft Adventurer

Our Minecraft Adventurer program promotes problem-solving, logical thinking, creativity, collaboration in an engaging environment. Students will build, edit, and explore a full course of fun and educational projects in Minecraft. In this course kids will be able to recreate a number of real life structures in-game, while learning about a variety of important topics including architecture, physical, and circuitry. Modding in Minecraft allows students to use their imaginations to create custom, unique mods.

Digital Electronics

This Program helps them to learn, understand and use electronics, micro controllers in a hands-on fun way using software with a simple easy to use interface with real looking components in 3D shapes, kids can use components from the library andtry combining them (by adding or subtracting shapes) to build electronic model. Your kid will learn, series, parallel, inputs, outputs, switches, buttons, sensors for the robots, LEDs that are helpful to prepare his/her own electronic gadgets.


When physical, expensive robots are inaccessible for your child and when kids want to learn Robotics, when they wanted the elements of gamified-learning, this is the course. Students can strengthen their critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and teamwork abilities. Students will learn mechanics, navigation, sensors and more while being introduced to programming components like commands, variables, conditional logic, loops, smart blocks (functions) and more.

English (Reading & Writing )

Our english course helps build writing and reading skills that are critical in your child's academic career, this include interactive learning activities to help your child practice english reading, comprehension and creative writing skills with vocabulary, grammar, spelling, pronunciation and sentence constructions techniques. This semi-private tutoring helps your child gets personal attention and needful help to develop the art of language

Public Speaking 

Effective communication has become a challenge, could be due to fear, confidence or content, when right foundations and techniques of public speaking are introduced at early age, this art becomes becomes natural and seamless, helps kids succeed from early age without missed opportunities. This course helps kids with content building, structuring, speech crafting, controlling fillers, voice variations, emotions and body language.

Math Camp

Students are guided and taught by our expert faculty to get a head start in advancing math concepts for their next grade. Introducing new concepts, revising and challenging known topics boosts the students confidence for academic success and prepares your child to excel in the coming year.  Students experience the joy of learning in a fun, relaxed, non-completive way with tailored instructions to attain enrichment and love of Math.