SAT/ACT Preparation

The path to dream the college acceptance is long and demanding. LogiQminds offers fully customizable programs to support students throughout their academic journey – from younger students getting a head start to high school students navigating the application process. Our expert tutors develop and deliver personalized, in-person support to improve test scores, enhance GPAs, and help build winning college applications.  Let us create a personalized academic program for you. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Comprehensive Learning

Flexible Options

We have prep options for every student, at every level. We help you find what fits, and we go from there.

Personalized Tutoring

Every student is unique with their own strengths and weakness. Nothing beats our personalized 1:1 teaching. 

Learn from Masters

Take courses from our fantastic instructors, who are passionate on the subject and in teaching.

Bundled Packages

We offer bundled packages from 10 to 100 hours with  the combination of semi-private and personalized classes.

Practice Tests

From our pre-post-assessments,  practice tests, we help students get the feel of real tests through our full -length practice tests. 

Curated Study Material

We have curated study material picking from the best of the best. We are also flexible to go over your own material. 

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