Get Inspired with the stories from Kids

How wearisome it must be to listen to the same, overplayed songs on the radio. So why not enjoy an informative but also entertaining podcast spoken by two knowledgeable college attendants who will interview special guests with unique educational experiences. Tune into our weekly podcast where we discuss ways students all over the world have gained opportunities and share their path to success. Let your child’s voice be heard in the digital world where they can inspire others with their brightest achievements. Start your day learning something new from an insightful conversation with LogIQminds, and one day your child could be featured too. 

Let us tell your story be told so you could inspire the hearts. Tune into our weekly podcast where we discuss ways students have gained opportunities, and learn to balance their lives and achieved their path to success. Start learning something new from an insightful conversation with LogIQmind maybe your face could be on here. 

Podcast FAQs

Question:  How would this help my kids

Response: Please call us or email us or select the program of your closest choice and reserve your spot, our counsellor will any way call you to answer all your questions. 

Question:  What should we be to be featured or to be invited as guests? 

Response: Once you find the right program for your child, please go to the program and Reserve Your Spot, this step will have no fees, a counsellor will contact you to answer any of your questions and give you the batch timings available. Once your questions are clarified and the batch timings are confirmed, then the counsellor would send you the payment link. After the payment is made, you will receive receipt and the instructions from the tutor. 

Question:  Can we do the podcast remotely? 

Response: We strongly recommend kids to join this with some coding background either a block based or text based. 

Question:  How would this podcast help other kids? 

Response: Student should have physical laptop or desktop computer with Keyboard, Mouse, Camera and Headphones with speaker and Micrphone

Question:  Can i share this podcasts with my friends, family and social media? 

Response: We don't have any catch-up classes due to various reasons, we may try to have the session recorded if your child informs the instructor in advance and if instructor agrees. 

Question:  What kind of preparation? 

Response: Students would need Chrome browser, Roblox Studio, Roblox Account, Zoom Video, Google Email Account.  If kids are young, they can get their parent's google email to access google classroom. When creating any accounts, please follow the guidelines, parental controls for viewing and accessing age appropriate content for your child.

Question:  Will I receive any information before the class? Can someone help us to do the tech-setup?

Response: Yes, you / your child will receive information before the day of the first class, it will have tech-setup instructions and videos.