We are always in look out for Creative & Passionate Teachers /Instructors/Counsellors

Tutors and Content Specialists - Share your knowledge with our students!

  • Flexible hours
  • Build your resume/Portfolio
  • Hone your craft (technique & content)
  • Teaching forces you to engage with your content specialty at a deeper level of understanding, growing your expertise. 
  • Supplement your income
  • Rewarding experience seeing your work directly impact students

Looking to supplement your income with a rewarding job with flexible hours? Tutoring with LogiQminds will help you hone your craft while simultaneously expanding your resume with invaluable experience. Not only will you be expanding your career opportunities but also have the rewarding experience of seeing your hard work directly impact the lives of your students!

Tutoring reinforces your own skills and knowledge as you work with various learning styles. Strengthen your communication and leadership skills by not only small group instruction, but also by collaborating with Education professionals. These skills are important for your own career development as many of the skills required for teaching have a direct cross-over into other professions. 

You will be required to remain highly knowledgeable, a content expert, in the area you’re tutoring in. This means you’ll be continually adding to your knowledge base and further developing your skills.

Being a tutor is something that will always be in demand not just in the education sector, but also across various professional industries. If you have the genuine passion, patience, drive and commitment to educating people, then tutoring could be a brilliant job for you.

Aspiring Teachers - Lay a solid foundation for a successful teaching career!

  • Flexible hours
  • Build your resume/Portfolio
  • Mentoring from experienced public educators
  • Career consultation and solid recommendations for qualified staff
  • 6:1 student teacher ratio allows you to focus on teaching not classroom management
  • Supplement your income

Are you an aspiring teacher? We have an experienced certificated staff who would love to work with you! You will gain valuable experience and skills that you can use to expand your resume and get a jump start on your career. Build your lesson portfolio by collaborating with active education professionals. Our staff prides themselves on collaboration and creativity in the classroom. Additionally, we offer career consultation for all staff and job recommendations for highly qualified staff.

Communication skills are the cornerstone of an education career. You will be required to effectively communicate with students, parents, administrators, and fellow teachers. Communication skills are one of our key areas of focus. This expands beyond the curriculum to interacting professionally with parents and collaborating with other staff. This is not always easy to develop, let us help you.

We maintain creativity and enthusiasm with our staff. Feel safe in your very own classroom and our 6:1 student-teacher ratio allows you to focus on creative content delivery instead of focusing on classroom management. Develop the confidence in your abilities. You will have practical application for your dedication to education, organization skills, conflict resolution, creative problem solving, and leadership. 

Certificated Teachers  - turbocharge your career!

  • Flexible hours
  • We encourage experimentation in the classroom
  • Collaborate with colleagues in a low-pressure environment
  • Build your resume/Portfolio
  • 6:1 student teacher ratio allows you to focus on teaching not classroom management
  • Gain experience to help get ahead in your career
  • Supplement your income
  • Build a 1:1 student base with the ability to teach online from home, in person, or at a different location!
  • Lucrative In home placements for special education teachers

Teaching with LogiQminds is FUN! Are you ready to turbocharge your career while supplementing your income? Our team of professional educators have been working to stay on top of the leading trends in education and curriculum. We base our lessons on not only Common Core Curriculum, but also Singapore Math, Math Kangaroo, and specialized reading programs. Additionally our curriculum focuses on the 4 C’s of 21st Century Skills, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking.

At LogiQminds we have a relaxed, low-pressure, teaching environment that encourages creativity and collaboration in the classroom. This will allow you the flexibility to experiment with new concepts in the classroom and continue to build your lesson portfolio. With a maximum student-teacher ratio of 6:1 you can hone your craft while not having to constantly focus on classroom management.

Expand your career by developing a 1:1 client base using the LogiQminds platform. We have kids in need and now we just need you. Our 1:1 tutoring program has additional flexibility in being able to be conducted remotely allowing you to teach from the comfort of home. As an additional bonus, we also have lucrative programs for Special Education teachers being placed at a students home for even more earning potential!

If you are passionate about teaching, please fill the above form or reach us out with your resume at info@logiQminds.com. 

For any other questions or enquiries, please call us at 732-355-3699

We are always looking for certified teachers to teach K-12  Math, English, Writing, Communication, Coding and Chess. We are looking for people who are willing to come in-person to our center in Hightstown

It's for people

who are passionate in teaching and inspiring next generation. 

who can light the spark of curiosity in kids..

who can mentor.. who can stimulate..

who can provoke.. who can engage ..


who can facilitate learning