Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs 

In this section should see answers to all your questions regarding the programs and our offerings. 

Incase something isn't clear or if you have more questions, please feel free to email us - info@logiQminds.com or call us - 732-355-3699. 

Bundled Program FAQs

Question:  What should i do if we are undecided about the bundled programs ? 

Response: Please call us or email us or select the bundled program of your closest preference and reserve your spot, our counsellor will any way call you to answer all your questions and help select the right bundle/programs for you. 

Question:  What should we do, how the process works?

Response: Once you decide the bundle/program for your child, please Reserve Your Spot, this step will have no fees, a counsellor will contact you to answer any of your questions and give you the batch timings available. Once your questions are clarified and the batch timings are confirmed, then the counsellor would send you the payment link. After the payment is made, you will receive receipt and the instructions from the tutor. 

Question:  Is this a group or 1:1 classes? 

Response: These are small group classes with up to 4 students. We see benefits in small group classes with communication, social and collaboration skills for kids. Please see our blog for the benefits we observed. 

Also, based on your choice of bundle - basic, smart, premium, you will get free 1:1 lessons with the teacher on selected program/programs during the school year. Our teacher will contact you to schedule 1:1 sessions. 

Question:  How do you group the kids ? 

Response: For Academic subjects we group the kids by their Grades. If your child is going into Grade V, he will be in class with other students in Grade V. For Coding, Public Speaking and other programs we assess the kid and group them with children with similar ability. We constantly assess the kids to club them with the right group to help them motivate, gain knowledge and make new strides.

Question:  Can my kid join without any programming / coding background ? 

Response: Yes, we do initial assessment and put them in the right group and assign them in appropriate track

Question:  What tracks do you have in coding? 

Response: We currently have 6 coding tracks, we assign based on the age/grade and the student's prior knowledge. 1. Art and Music 2. Mincraft Modding - Bedrock 3. Game Design 4. Minecraft Game Deisgn Java 5. Robotics & AR 6. Advance Coding ( HTML, Javascript, Python)

Question:  How do we as parents track the progress / and track the home-work, assignments? 

Response: Your child will get username and password for the program you enroll him/her, you will be able to  track the progress. Teachers also constantly monitor the children for tracking and grading assignments / home work. 

Question:  For Academic Subjects like Math and English, how will you ensure you are following the right curriculum for my state/ country

Response: Our online learning platform encompasses all the national and international curriculum, based on the country/ state of the student, you will get the appropriate curriculum. 

Question:  What equipment would my child need to enroll for this program?

Response: Student should have physical laptop or desktop computer with Keyboard, Mouse, Camera and Headphones with speaker and Micrphone

Question:  What if my child cannot make his/her class some day? 

Response: We don't have any catch-up classes due to various reasons, we may try to have the session recorded if your child informs the instructor in advance and if instructor agrees. 

Question:  What software and applications are required on my child's computer?

Response: Students would need Chrome browser, Roblox Studio, Roblox Account, Zoom Video, Google Email Account.  If kids are young, they can get their parent's google email to access google classroom. When creating any accounts, please follow the guidelines, parental controls for viewing and accessing age appropriate content for your child.

Question:  Will I receive any information before the class? Can someone help us to do the tech-setup?

Response: Yes, you / your child will receive information before the day of the first class, it will have tech-setup instructions and videos.