What Schools Should be Doing

21.07.21 12:30 PM

How Will Schools Reopen After Covid?

Within this post-Covid era, and the emergence of schools opening back up the question still remains: What should they be doing to ensure a return to normalcy? This is something many schools across the nation are trying to answer as students begin to return in the fall, but can education really be as strong as it was prior to the pandemic? 

If anything, this pandemic has highlighted the importance and appreciation of public schools and their role within the community. If education is to make a strong rise from the state Covid-19 has left it, then there must be greater emphasis on what schools can do to ensure as smooth a flow as possible. 

There is no doubt that a severe learning loss has swept across the nation, leaving many kids unable to catch up in time for the new school year. To take this issue head on, schools should not only be accounting for that loss, but provide means that can help those fallen behind due to education inequalities catch back up with the rest of their classmates. While some parents have turned to tutoring centers, such as LogiQMinds, to help their children stray away from that loss, schools should also take this into account when preparing for the upcoming post-pandemic school year. 

But, if we have learned anything from this it is that technology can play an even more crucial role in the way we go about education. From remote learning we have found that the inclusion of technology and innovation within the classroom can help students get an education that prepares them for our changing times. With technology advancing everyday, teaching children how to work with it rather than dismissing it entirely within the classroom can help students gain better insights into how it could be used in their favor. At LogiQMinds, we offer an array of courses that do just this to showcase the importance of technology for the future. By using this to their advantage, schools can help strengthen education by providing new outlets for learning as well as improvements in how students are able to gather information.

What schools should be doing to gear up for the upcoming academic year revolves around ways in which they can make education stronger than before. Whether that be a greater focus on those who may have fallen behind due to a wide-spread learning loss, or implementing an increased use of technology within the classroom, schools must prioritize their students and find a middle-ground to combat the questions many have about the upcoming post-Covid school year. 

                 Though, it is not only up to schools, as parents have just as important a role to play in their child’s education. The collaboration of teachers and parents will allow for a greater look into finding ways to help their children get the most out of their education. By working together, both parents and teachers can help create solutions to the questions many parents have so that students returning in the fall can have as much of an opportunity to succeed as they would have prior to the pandemic. 

With a loss of learning averaging to roughly 6 months, it is now more important than ever for schools to pay attention to the needs of their students and to utilize what they have learned from this pandemic to ensure education comes back stronger than ever within this post-pandemic world. As many parents worry whether their child has fallen behind, centers such as LogiQMinds are perfect to help your child not only catch up but establish long-lasting knowledge that can help them in the future. However, it is ultimately up to schools to build upon the innovations found during this time as a means of strengthening education for the future.