'Water Traps' on the Moon?

21.06.21 12:30 PM

What are Water Traps and Why are they on the Moon?

There are always new and exciting discoveries awaiting within space, and those who discover them cannot wait to share what they’ve found! Recently, there has been a detection of ‘water traps’ on the Moon, but does this equate to any signs of life? With new innovations and far more space exploration, scientists are starting to wonder if there is, and to accomplish that, NASA is planning to send the first woman and next man astronauts to explore the lunar surface! With a shocking discovery such as this and a new wave of astronauts to space, this is an extraordinary stride for the Artemis program! The discovery now opens more doors to the possibility of human exploration on Mars and the idea of setting up a base on the Moon. As water is a necessity for human life, the Moon’s exploration may allow for it to be utilized as an experimental base as the travel to Mars becomes a greater reality. 

In addition, the uncovering of lunar water precedes the notion that it could be transferred into rocket propellent. With less atmospheric and gravitational constraints than Earth, future missions to Mars can now be launched from the Moon! And by creating a greater understanding of the Moon, scientists can grasp the real history of the solar system and how it came to be to implement those ideas in the creation of a lunar launchpad. 

Through science, humans can make new and shocking discoveries, and generating interest from an early age can help your child become a part of that. At LogiQMinds, we encourage children to think outside of the box and to become interested in different aspects of the scientific field, as the future is in their hands. By allowing them to explore different areas of the subject, it generates the notion that they could become the ones discovering water on the Moon’s surface or even aid in exploring the idea of placing phone networks on the moon, as NASA has announced that Nokia had been selected to attempt such a theory! 

These ‘water traps’ will allow for a greater understanding of what the future holds for exploration! Encouraging children to take an interest in science can open doors for their future and perhaps allow for them to be the ones uncovering new and exciting discoveries. Through this finding and the sending of the first woman astronaut to the moon, it exemplifies that no matter who you are or what your background is, space is out there and waiting to be explored, and you could be the one to discover it! 

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