Top Science Books for Kids

25.06.21 12:30 PM

Science Book Recommendations to get Kids Thinking

Science is cool, and so is reading! To spark interest and develop a love for science, reading is the gateway that allows children to become exposed to the great wonders of the world and how science plays a part in them. And to do just that, here is a list of the top science books for kids to get them thinking about the subject:

  1. 100 Things to Know About Numbers, Computers & Coding by Alex Frith:

As computers are such a big part of our life, generating an understanding of them from an early age can benefit them when they grow up. With the addition of fun into learning about computers and codes, the book presents facts and notions that might not be known to the vast majority! As its own little story accompanies each fact, it gives the ability to skip around and find ones that grant the most curiosity and wonder while generating interest in computers, numbers, and coding. 

  1. The Element in the Room: Investigating the Atomic Ingredients that Make Up Your Home by Mike Barfield:

By covering a topic not seen often within children’s books, Mark Barfield tries to generate interest in chemistry by creating a book covering each of the different elements found within the world. Mixing education and fun, children can learn about the periodic table elements and what each is used for while also following a storyline! Though not only for the periodic table elements, the book also grasps the critical idea of matter and its properties to instill a curiosity for chemistry and science alike. 

  1. Gravity by Jason Chin:

Using imagery to explain gravity’s importance, Jason Chin showcases the impact gravity has on objects within the solar system and the entire cosmos. With the addition of humor to showcase the silly effects lack of gravity would cause, it helps explain the complexion of gravity and how it holds the universe together.

  1. Once Upon a Star by James Carter and Mar Hernandez:

Utilizing poetry to explain how the universe was formed, James Carter and Mar Hernandez answer the questions about how the planets came about and what the Big Bang entailed. Providing children with answers as to how the world came to be and our location within space, the book also answers those many had not thought of! 

  1. Ask a Scientist by Robert Winston:

Written by scientist Robert Winston, he answers 100 odd yet important science questions asked by real kids. Including answers to questions like, “Why is the sea salty?” and “Why is the sky blue?”, Winston responds to these questions with logical reasoning all while including complementary illustrations to catch children’s attention as they learn the answers to some of (what they believe to be) life’s greatest mysteries!

  1. Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System by Dr. Dominic Walliman and Ben Newman:

The book, Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System,  follows Professor Astro Cat and his gang on a tour of our solar system planets. Part of the Professor Astro Cat series, this book gets kids thinking about space and poses answers to questions some might have! With the use of cute illustrations, this book will surely catch a child’s eye so that they can discover the wonders of space for themselves. 

At LogiQMinds, we try to encourage children to learn outside of the classroom, and books are a great way to do that! By generating interest in the subject matter with fun books kids enjoy, learning becomes less of a chore and a more entertaining way to spend time! 

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