The International Space Station

28.06.21 12:30 PM

What is the International Space Station?

Space is cool, but what is even cooler is that some astronauts actually get to live in space! This is made possible by the International Space Station, but what exactly is it? 

Built to be a space research lab, the station is a large spacecraft that orbits the Earth and is home to the astronauts sent to space to carry out experiments and discover new ideas regarding space and travel. With the help of numerous countries, hence ‘international,’ the station is shared amongst those who built it, which comprises 16 countries, including the United States, Canada, and Russia, amongst others. Using the station as a learning tool to see what it is like living and working in space, NASA can learn valuable lessons that will further its exploration. 

Comprising of various parts called modules, each module has a particular function. While one contains parts to make the station run, others may be where the astronauts live and sleep or compile research on their time spent on the station. This research goes as far back as 2000 as people have lived upon the station every day since then! The astronauts who go to the Space Station stay for 3-6 month increments in which they depend on solar panels for electricity.

The research compiled while on the craft, for example, explores how microgravity can affect living organisms while also observing how little to no gravity can grow protein crystals. If done correctly, these crystals could be used to create treatments for diseases, such as cancer and diabetes! Other experiments conducted help find ways to predict weather or time more accurately.

But I know what you must be thinking, the burning question within all children’s minds, “Do they need to wear spacesuits while inside the craft?” and the answer is no, they do not! However, if traveling outside the station, then that is a different story. For astronauts to work outside of it, they must wear NINE layers of protection to ensure that they are not affected by the lack of gravity and oxygen around them. 

It’s weird to think that people are watching down on the Earth as they work from a place many dreams of visiting; however, with love for science, that could one day be you! At LogiQMinds, we strive for admiration for a subject matter, and with the numerous science programs offered, our goal is to see the next astronaut be you!