The Benefits of Social Media

04.06.21 12:30 PM

What are some Benefits of Social Media?

Social media is a term many parents may fear; however, this does not have to be the case. Allowing your kids to utilize all social media has to offer can actually benefit them in more ways than just ensuring they are up to date with the latest dance trend! While it does have its share of negatives, as all things do, the benefits of using social media are some that may even help them well into adulthood. Through connections and improved communication, here are the top three ways in which social media can be a good thing:

  1. Their Voices can be Heard 

Through different platforms, kids now realize that their voices CAN be heard! Finally discovering this voice that they did not know they had, kids now have an outlet to express their thoughts on new policies, start campaigns regarding topics they are passionate about, or even promote their favorite music artists that they did not have before.

  1. Improved Communication and Friendships 

Recent studies have found that social media allows kids to connect with new people and maintain their friendships. With a new way to communicate with old (and new) friends and family, kids can maintain better relationships and keep them as they now have more outlets to reach out and start a conversation.

  1. Allows Kids to Express Themselves in New Ways 

Whether they start a new dance craze or want to showcase their style, social media has been a means of expression for everyone who uses it. With the ability to reach thousands of people, kids can show off their creativity through art, clothes, music, and more, all at the click of a button! Social media is a powerful outlet for establishing creativity and allows your children to do what they love. Whether that includes make-up, drawing, or singing, social media can be used to find new talent. I mean, even Justin Bieber got discovered on YouTube.

At LogiQMinds, we encourage children to express their interest across different outlets and even offer courses to help children learn how to do just that! Social media does not have to be a scary place, in fact, it brings groups of people together to accomplish extraordinary things. 

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