Space Crafts to Make as a Family

18.06.21 12:30 PM

Space Exploration: Fun Crafts to do With your Family

Children love crafts and being artistic, but who says you cannot teach them while still having fun? As space is a topic that catches many kids’ eyes with its vast stars and enormous planets, here are some ideas that get children interested in the subject while still fun to make!

  1. Building a Model Solar System: By giving your child a general understanding of how the planets move and rotate, it could open doors into the imagination and develop a likeliness toward science as a subject matter!

  2. Build an At-Home Telescope: Invite your children to start to wonder about the stars in the sky and how they got there. By creating an at-home telescope, easily made with paper towel tubes and lenses, children can catch a glimpse at the various types of constellations and phases of the moon and develop a curiosity for those creative thinkers. 

  3. Phases of the Moon Activity: Those who often look out the window during drives home or at the night sky might already wonder why the moon changes phases. By doing this simple craft (that requires no more than construction paper), children are exposed to space wonders that might even encourage future career choices. 

  4. DIY Bottle Rockets: As easy as pasting wings to an old plastic bottle, by creating a simple bottle rocket, children can create and observe how rockets work while having fun. Allowing them to use their imagination, children can develop an interest in rockets while sparking joy regarding science. 

  5. Build Your own Constellations: Simply by utilizing paint and stickers, children are given a creative outlet in which they can create their own constellations and learn about how stars form such shapes in the sky. 

To instill a newly found admiration for science, utilizing arts and crafts gets both you and your children involved in a fun and educational way! As children’s minds can be easily shaped at such a young age, at LogiQMinds we believe that it is vital to expose your child to different subjects so that they may get a feel for what they enjoy and what they do not. Introducing these topics in a fun and hands-on way helps establish positive connotations with the subject matter, making them more inclined to become interested in it. And, once that interest is established, why not enroll them in one of our vast science programs? Because who knows, they might even become the first astronaut to be sent to Mars! 

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