Creativity comes with constraints

10.06.20 08:33 PM

Creativity is Born in Constraints

We normally think creativity is related to being artistic. It is just an important part to get our daily work done. Constraints improve one’s performance. Creativity is in many ways is situational. Our environment compels us to see things differently or they may not. Creativity is situational and not an inborn trait or something that can be learnt. Children should –Have a wild imagination and think out of the box.

Have the will power to attain more knowledge and learn take breaks in between which will enhance the thought flow. Creativity is all about coming up with new ideas. Children don’t have to be a genius. Instead develop their thought process. Give them scenarios and ask them questions to see how creative their minds are. Children should do what they enjoy and love. When they enjoy what they are doing curiosity seeps in and then the questions pop up in their minds which is very good! As parents the more you speak to them, listen to them and hear them out whenever they need you will definitely help them come up with more ideas. You can create a mind map for them. For example- give them a blank piece of paper and just let them write whatever they want to without a context. This will slowly reduce the constraints, and they will start imagining whatever comes to their minds. They should focus on one task at a time. As they improve the horizon can widen and more exploration can be worked out. 

Constraints should not be a barrier should not be a barrier, instead it should be a motivating factor to create, develop and be creative. When working together with your children try to bring in obstacles and see how their reaction would be. If they embrace it, do not look at it as a constraint or an obstacle, instead thinks of how to solve it irrespective o external factors your child has understood how to go about things creatively. This is what you want in the end! They should be so used to constraints, that it is considered normal to pursue their dreams and flourish in their endeavours.