children and their bubble

10.06.20 08:43 PM

Let Kids Come Out of the Bubble

Kids are very naive at a tender age. They believe what they see. They need to be aware of facts and need to be alert all the time. As parents, it’s your responsibility to be a guide, protect, nurture and tell them what is right and what is wrong. ‘

All children are in a bubble. But they cannot grow in this bubble. They need to see the reality. Now if you have to show them reality it has to be done very carefully. If the bad things are told first then they may also become that way. Give them time to grasp and when they are a little more mature things can be explained.

Children watch television, what they see is just for fun and just for entertainment. They normally believe it is true and sometimes start doing or saying things they have seen. In today’s world life is not only about candies, games, chocolates, play and fun. There is a lot more and they need to have a good presence of mind.

For example, a teen getting pregnant at the age of 13 is not acceptable and is not right. There is an age for everything in life. Especially, girls need to be taught about their behaviour and the pros and cons, it can be dangerous for them. They should know what is good and the bad touch.

Boys equally need to be taught from a very tender age to respect girls and never ill treat or misbehave. Now everything is about equality. If boys and girls are equal they need to follow the protocols to become better human beings.

As parents, you have to give the right values, boost their self esteem and confidence, explain why it is right or wrong. Everything is going to begin at home and what they learn is what they are going to be outside and life will also teach them a lot.

Children will go through struggles that are normal. Everybody learns that way.

As parents give them the strength and guidance to fight, make their path and push themselves to survive in this world of reality. They more they are protected and kept in a bubble life is going to be difficult as they grow older.