what is your parenting style

By LogiQminds Staff

Parenting comes with a humongous role. Dealing with children is a task and an art. Once a child enters your life everything changes. But these changes are for the good, lots of fun, loads of responsibilities, sacrifices and your child is your world ! Your life will revolve around your child and you ...

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children and their bubble

By LogiQminds Staff

Kids are very naive at a tender age. They believe what they see. They need to be aware of facts and need to be alert all the time. As parents, it’s your responsibility to be a guide, protect, nurture and tell them what is right and what is wrong. ‘

All children are in a bubble. But they cannot grow i...

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Creativity comes with constraints

By LogiQminds Staff

We normally think creativity is related to being artistic. It is just an important part to get our daily work done. Constraints improve one’s performance. Creativity is in many ways is situational. Our environment compels us to see things differently or they may not. Creativity is situatio...

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Business Ideas for Kids

By LogiQminds Staff


“It should be fun, they should love what they are doing, if mistakes are made, they can always learn from them, improve and do it all over again for a smooth journey to the new experience of life”.

As a parent, it is important to observe the talents which our kids possess and also to notice the...

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Children and Society

By LogiQminds Staff

Children and Society

Social sciences help in understanding the dynamics of social life. We are living in an age where Society is of  most importance. 

Children are considered the youth and are an integral part of the society. 

A child goes through various stages of life –

·  Inf...

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