Why LogiQ Minds?

Today’s education curricula is not to the pace of the changes that are happening in the world. It is just preparing the students with the needs of Industrial Age rather than preparing students for the Information Age. We know that kids need to be ready for the Future Age. They should have skills like creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking to be ready for the future. Thus, we identified a need for a disruptive education curriculum that would train students with futuristic needs; build intellectual know-how; and develop logical thinking to keep pace with the fast changing world. 

We have very focused and passionate educators who bring with them a wealth of experience in their individual fields. Our list of diversified courses provide our students with varied options based on their interest. Offering a non-competitive atmosphere, students learn how to collaborate with each other and focus on the development of their skills. At LogIQMinds, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, we believe in a customized education that suits the needs of the student. 

Our courses don’t have fixed content, rather our courses vary with the need of our students. 

Programs offered are for children from ages 7 to 17. We promise that the kids will love the environment provided in our state- of-the-art facility. Our programs are offered to fulfill after school, morning/afternoon, weekends, or seasonal (summer camp, spring, winter camp) needs. 

Our Mission

To create a world where the young are encouraged to dream, to learn, to celebrate & have fun. 

To inspire & excite kids about space, science and technology and to become tomorrow’s much needed innovative leaders.

To develop children with essential future skills, leadership, creativity, innovativeness, analytical & problem-solving skills, teamwork, collaboration and communication skills while learning Robotics, Artificial Intelligence & Space.

LogiQminds provides extraordinary environment for children to relax and enjoy interactive classrooms alongside innovative technology, while developing logical thinking, building intellectual mindsets and identifying hidden talents with the help of a dedicated world class team that is focused on providing the best skills to our students.