Focused learning, helping to excel in academics, reinforcing concepts in math, english, science. Exam prep GED,GMAT, GRE, PSAT, SAT

STEM, Robotics

Designing, Programming & Creating Robots in a hands-on fun way. It helps kids to learn problem-solving skills, creativity & get exposure to STEAM

Future Essentials

 Life Essentials like communication, team building, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship,  potential tech dangers, logical thinking, reading 

LogiQMinds was born with an ideology to provide extraordinary environment for children to relax and enjoy in interactive classrooms alongside learn innovative technology, STEM, public speaking, entrepreneurship, develop logical thinking, build intellectual, creative mindset and identify hidden talents within with the help of our dedicated staff that is focused on providing best services to our students. 

Today’s education curricula is not keeping up with the pace this world is undergoing changes. It is just preparing the students with the needs of industrial age rather than preparing students for the information age. Many researchers have indicated that the future needs complex problem solving skills, critical thinking, creativity, technology, business know-how, communication & mindfulness to live a successful life in this digital age. Thus we identified need for disruptive education curriculum that would train students with futuristic subjects; build intellectual know-how; and develop logical thinking to keep pace with the fast changing world. 

We have a very focused, passionate and diverse team of educationists that bring along wealth of experience in their individual fields. We have diversified courses that provide our students with varied options based on their interest & passion. Our institute offers non-competitive atmosphere where students learn through collaboration with each other and focus on development of skills. 

At LogiQMinds, we don’t believe in one size fits all, we believe every kid is very unique. Our courses don’t always have fixed curriculum, we tailor course content with what kids enjoy learning. 

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